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Juniors Girl's Competition

Respect4Hockey Award


Respect4Hockey Award is an initiative to encourage competing hockey teams, team officials (off field staff) and spectator groups to play in the true spirit of the game and show respect for our hockey community as a whole.

Teams that demonstrate the true spirit of hockey will be rewarded with points corresponding to their degree of fair play at the end of each match.

The allocation of points will be decided by the umpires and technical officials and recorded on the match report. An award will be given to the team with the highest number of points accumulated at the end of the 2024 Season.

Start of each game: We also ask that all Clubs encourage their junior teams to display good sportsmanship by lining up at the halfway line at the start of each game to:

a)    Give 3 cheers for the opposition.

b)    Tap sticks with their opponents and wish them a good game.


Please note that during round robins time constraints will not allow for the above. However all children should be encouraged to thank the opposition players and officials after the match.

Information for the NDWHA Junior Girls 2024 competition can be downloaded here:

- Junior Girls Team Sheets

Information for the NDWHA Modified 2024 competition can be downloaded here:

- Modified Team Sheets

Respect4Hockey Award Point Score
Modified Draw

Club Contacts 

Clubs participating in the NDWHA Junior Competition include:

For more information on the NDWHA Junior Competition, please email 

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