Newcastle Under 13 Representative Team

Congratulations to the following players for being selected in the 

2019 Newcastle Under 13 Representative Teams: 

Team #1

Maliah Abell

Rachel Azzopardi

Hannah Baxter

Lily Crockett

Neve Elliott

Sienna Harvey

Hannah Hewat

Brooke Hill

Tahne Hodson

Kamiah Mudge

Tahlia Ottery

Alice Tayler

Lucy Wilson

Matilda Woolnough

Team #2

Anais Fraai

Rommi Gray

Ella Howitt

Emily Jeayes

Georgia Juchau

Sarah Juchau

Matilda Lidbury

Ella Mounter

Hannah O'Connor

Angelina Ottery

Hannah Ramsay

Xanthe Starr

Saige Walsh

Grace Worland

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